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Hullratmon by GaymerJosh
Level: Ultimate
Type: Buccaneer Digimon
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits, Deep Savers
Attacks: Jolly boat Jab (Hullratmon rams the enemy at top speed)

Hullratmon deceive others thinking that they can only exist on the seas and reveal their crab-like legs only to get a surprise advantage on their enemy. They enjoy hoarding loot of various kind within their hull. It's rumored Hullratmon is not actually part of the ship, but rather it's stuck and uses it's legs to maneuver the crab-like appendages.

digivolves from: Pieratmon by GaymerJosh
Pieratmon by GaymerJosh
Gonna revisit this. Work on my flash lines and maybe make the cannon bigger

Level: Champion
Type: Scallywag Digimon
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits
Attack: Blunder Blast (Pieratmon fires literally anything that can fit out of it's cannon)

Pieratmon take pleasure in bombing their foes before they get close or know what's going on. They often find explosions to be humorous, even if they get hurt.

Digivolves from: Squeakmon by GaymerJosh
Squeakmon by GaymerJosh
I've been on such a digimon high since I heard Cyber Sleuth was coming out in the US on Feb 2nd. I finally got to the point where I doodled my own Rookie digimon.

Level: Rookie
Type: Rodent digimon (or rat)
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits
Attacks: Cautionary Tail - Squeakmon uses its bulky tail to strike or bind an enemy.

Squeakmon are at home in Urban environments but retain a strange calling to the sea. They're commonly seen as thugs in an alley or simple knaves aboard a ship. Squeakmon are very fond of chewing, often biting things they shouldn't.

So he's gonna end up Pirate themed, and i figure I'll go back to his In-Training, Baby, and Egg form before I do his Champion. Or at least do In-Training before Champion. I've got some ideas. I probably could've made the bandanna a little more apparent...

Digivolves to: Pieratmon by GaymerJosh
Gang's Game Puppets by GaymerJosh
Gang's Game Puppets
They're all set up! (only Freddy is rigged atm). Yeah there'll be a bunch of npc's and junk they wont require as much when it comes to rigging and junk.

I went for a simpler and toonier approach since I'd be animating them, etc. and I actually like how it turned out. I might doodle like that more often

Puppets were drawn/set up in flash and are going to be taken into ToonBoom for rigging. Anything I cant do with bones I'll have to frameXframe
Marionetted Gang by GaymerJosh
Marionetted Gang
its for a prop to a background for the thesis game, but they're shrunken so you wont see as much detail atm.

i think Walt is my favorite lol. I wanted them to be like creepy/cute
So I don't think I put an official journal or anything, but after my half a year off from school after getting my associate's in illustration I joined the animation (and interactive media) major at my school.

So yeah, i love it a lot more than illustration and I actually am doing much better in it. Only thing though is that its more demanding, lol.

Summer is now upon me and I have a lot of free time till I find a summer job, so I'm gonna try practicing stuff and being more productive.

I owe a friend a commission, but after that I'd be more than happy to be open for commissions again! If you're interested please note me. Refer to this for prices Commissons Open! by GaymerJosh Though i should update it with more recent work.


Joshua Casiano
United States


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